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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) newest workplace health tool, Workplace Health Resource Center (WHRC) provides free resources, backed by science, to help employers stick to their New Year’s goals throughout the year.

The website provides free resources to help employers start or expand their workplace health promotion programs. Designed to provide employers with the resources they need to improve employees’ physical, emotional, and financial health, the WHRC features vetted resources, robust search functions, assessment tools, step-by-step guides, and visual aids—all in one place.

We have prepared a new WHRC toolkit with a focus on wellness and nutrition to help you promote a healthier year ahead! The toolkit contains useful information and materials that you can share with your professional and social media networks. As a partner or person who expressed interest in the WHRC, we hope you find these materials helpful with your workplace outreach efforts. The toolkit includes:

  • Email template
  • CDC WHRC: Human and Business meeting videos
  • Social media posts
  • Images and videos
  • Web badge/button

Click here to access the toolkit online and download materials.

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