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Food Policy Council Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are held at 12 noon every third Wednesday of the month at:

1802 N. Main Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78212

The Food Policy Council of San Antonio is a nonprofit organization facilitating the development of a more just, sustainable, and economically vibrant food system. It leverages stakeholders across the community to craft programs and policies in urban agriculture, school nutrition, food waste, farmers markets, and food insecurity.

In 2015, the FPCSA organized amendments to the city’s zoning code to guarantee a right to grow crops in every zoning type. In 2017, they sponsored policy changes to ease restrictions on backyard poultry cultivation. In 2019, their Healthy Corner Store Initiative was launched by the city to provide fresh produce to convenience stores throughout food deserts in San Antonio’s District 3. Their network of urban farmers, culinary professionals, and nutrition advocates continues to develop targeted strategies to improve our population’s health and environment.

Our Initiatives

Work groups

Our initiatives are powered by work groups that anyone in the community can join. We bring together concerned citizens with subject matter experts to establish policy, generate ideas, develop solutions, build partnerships, and have a voice in the community for these important issues revolving around food.

Active Initiatives:
Coop Tour
Farm to School
Farmers Markets
Food Waste
Healthy Corner Stores
Urban Agriculture

Learn More about FPCSA Initiatives: