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“Due to COVID-19, all group events have been either canceled or postponed.  Please refer to previous web links for details on scheduled activities to include virtual events.  Once event directors, non-profit community managers, and wellness directors are able to legally and safely conduct group events, we will post them. “-  Bert Pickell, Director, San Antonio Walks!

The mission of the San Antonio Walks! walking program is to increase the number of people getting physically active through walking. Focusing on simple athletic walking in a recreational approach in neighborhoods and worksites, San Antonio Walks! is easy, safe and motivating so that all ages and abilities can experience similar health and wellness benefits. It’s fun and FREE!

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San Antonio Walks! was funded by San Antonio’s Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) grant, and is in partnership with the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, the Mayor’s Fitness Council, and the South Texas Walking Club.

Benefits of Walking

Regular physical activity helps everybody feel better and improves overall health. Walking is an excellent form of physical activity and the leading choice of exercise for Americans. Additionally, walking is free and reduces energy use, traffic congestion, and pollution.

Through consistent walking, you will…
  • Get and stay healthier
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Have less chance for heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers
  • Have less chance of becoming depressed
  • Control your weight
  • Have stronger muscles and bones
  • Sleep better at night
  • Increase your chances of living longer
  • Look better
  • Be with friends and meet new people
  • Enjoy yourself and have fun
Communities and members benefit from neighborhood walking groups
  • Greater sense of community
  • Know your neighbors and neighborhood
  • Greater neighborhood activity may decrease vandalism and  other criminal activity
  • Support and encouragement from members
  • Meeting points are close by
  • Better health

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