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Mayor’s Fitness Council Endorsement Process

The Mayor’s Fitness Council (MFC) is a community-wide movement to reduce obesity in San Antonio. The mission of the MFC is to transform San Antonio into a healthier and more active community in which citizens, groups, and organizations achieve targeted health and fitness goals. We welcome opportunities to endorse events or programs that meet our endorsement criteria. The process for obtaining endorsement is as follows:

  1. Meet all MFC endorsement criteria detailed below
  2. Complete an application for MFC endorsement
  3. MFC committee reviews application
  4. Present your proposal to MFC executive committee if requested
  5. MFC committee approves or declines proposal
Mayor’s Fitness Council Endorsement Benefits

The Mayor’s Fitness Council (MFC) endorsement provides the following opportunities:

  • Notification of event or program to MFC listserv
  • Invitation to present at MFC meeting, if deemed necessary by MFC executive committee
  • Promotion on FitCitySA
  • MFC logo of endorsement on materials
  • Facebook and Twitter promotion of event or program
Mayor’s Fitness Council Expectations of Endorsed Programs or Events
  • If endorsed, provide an in-kind table or booth to the Mayor’s Fitness Council
  • If endorsed, allow the Mayor’s Fitness Council to post signage within your guidelines

Click here to apply for  the MFC Event Endorsement now!