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Helping San Antonio parents and school personnel supporting youth mental and behavioral health.

This resource guide was developed to provide mental health and suicide prevention resources. This guide focuses on educating teachers, administrators, parents, and guardians, on how to increase access to mental health resources, reduce stigma, build resiliency, and develop empathy to improve the mental health and well-being in our schools.

The goals of this resource guide are:

  • To increase understanding of mental health conditions and the treatment of mental health conditions in youth and young adults.
  • To increase understanding of the problem of youth suicide, the risk factors that can lead to suicide, and the treatment and prevention of suicidal behavior in youth and young adults.
  • To increase knowledge of mental health conditions, risk factors, and warning signs for suicide, so that teachers, administrators, parents, guardians, and adults who work with youth and young adults are better prepared to identify and refer students who may be at risk.

The topics covered in this resource guide are:

  • The problem of youth and young adult suicide
  • The role of teachers, administrators, parents, and guardians in suicide prevention
  • Mental health conditions and other suicide risk factors
  • The role of schools in suicide prevention

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