Exercise Is Just A Hike Away

In All, Move More by Josie Gutierrez

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It’s a fabulous cardio workout. I promise you this can potentially be life changing in the most beautiful way possible. The outdoors does not judge and it’s an open play area that lets you discover it literally, at your own pace. The beauty that is Mother Nature has no words and the sounds you hear when you listen, are extraordinary.

A trekking we will go … one park at a time. Hiking will exercise just about every part of your body as you walk. The higher and harder the elevation or terrain, the tougher the challenge. The journey will embrace your mind and nourish your soul. A short local hike would be my suggestion for a first time hiker. The views will keep you walking and it’s very easy to get distracted by the serenity and sounds.

Your First Hike

Would be awesome to share with a friend or loved one and San Antonio makes it easy with many trails and parks to choose from so Explore the fun. It is summertime so make sure you call ahead to get informed on park hours and fees if any. I absolutely recommend talking to someone at the park before going and ask for a suggested trail for beginners, I do this all the time and get the best advice and points of interest. Before you know it, you will find yourself hiking longer and stronger.

Walking aides for anyone seeking a mobility aide to reduce the the risk of an injury or a fall would include hiking sticks and trekking poles. These can easily be purchased at any Outdoor Retail store and often at the parks.

Must haves:
  • Hydration
  • Good pair of walking shoes
  • First aid kit
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Clothing layers
  • A park map
  • A positive attitude
  • Backpack to put all of the above in
Important Things to Remember:

Always tell someone where you will be and when you will be back. You can even check in with the park personnel. Don’t ever underestimate the power and beauty of the Outdoors and STAY ON THE TRAIL.

Health Benefits:
  • Exercise reduces the risk of Heart disease, Cholesterol, Hypertension and Diabetes
  • Cardio helps control weight and contributes to healthy bones, muscles and joints
  • Hiking is great for symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Hiking makes you Happy

Exercise at it’s best is the playground that is often in our own backyards. I am not a personal trainer but an outdoor enthusiast who has found her happy in the wild one park at a time. Fit, fun and take a hike ya’ll!