Fruit and Yogurt Pops

In All, Eat Better by Cara Bailey

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I get so excited for the consistent warm weather in South Texas that spring provides to us. Growing up in the north, we were never quite sure when spring had sprung, for good. While not everyone cares for the hot temperatures, there are definitely ways to make them a little more bearable. One of my favorite ways is to transition from the hot foods of winter into more refreshing salads, cool drinks, and frozen desserts.

Popsicles are a fan favorite, and there are more options than ever in the freezer of your grocery store. They have yogurt pops, pops that are mostly made from pureed fruit and juice, low-calorie ice creams. However, a lot of the healthier options can be pricey, and a lot of boxes only give you, on average, 4 servings. The great news is, if you have a blender and an inexpensive popsicle mold, you can easily make your own healthy dessert. This is one of the more popular and higher rated popsicle molds out there: Zoku popsicle mold, but any will do.

This recipe calls for just 2-3 ingredients, fruit, yogurt, and honey as an option. If you purchase fruit that isn’t as sweet, you may want to add the sweetener.

Fruit and Yogurt Pops:

20 oz. fresh fruit (strawberries work really well!)
1 ¾ cup plain Greek or regular yogurt
2-3 tablespoons of honey (maple syrup for children under 1)

  • Puree the yogurt and fruit in a blender. Taste and add sweetener, if desired. Pour into molds and add lids or popsicle sticks if your mold doesn’t have a holder. Freeze at least 4 hours.
  • Try this with different berries, pineapple, and even watermelon. You can even do a blend of 2 different fruits. The possibilities are endless.
  • Enjoy!

Have a healthy month!