Healthy Eating on the Road 

In All, Eat Better by Cara Bailey

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As summer approaches, I start to have a lot more requests for tips for eating while traveling. Airports are coming around to offering healthy and fresh options, as are convenience stores, but choosing health on the road can be challenging and also pricey (if you have ever purchased an airport bottle of water, you know what I mean). Before you head to the airport or out on the road for a vacation (or maybe you travel for work), take a look at these tips to pick up a few that may help guide you this summer and beyond.

  1. Pack non-perishable snacks. The following you can bring in a carry-on or suitcase: jerky, nuts, protein/granola bars, oatmeal packets (try the Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Instant Oats), and even protein powder and soup cups. A coffee stand won’t mind giving you hot water in a cup for the oats, and you can mix the powder with milk that you buy or cold water (a shaker cup also travels and doubles as a water bottle). I always bring enough snacks to cover travel days and even days on the trip if I don’t know what my grocery shop situation will look like.

  2. Don’t skip breakfast. When you are on the go, make sure to get in the meal when you can before you leave for the day, and that way you aren’t left to chance. If I am taking a super early flight, then I bring something with me that will pass through security (see above) like toast with almond butter and a piece of fruit.

  3. Make a pledge to eat veggies with every meal. Almost every place you eat has at the very least, a side salad available or steamed veggies. This will help you hit your daily fiber requirement and get in some vitamins and minerals.

  4. Rent either a house or a hotel room with a kitchen. If you don’t mind cooking a little on vacay, getting a place you have at least a refrigerator and a microwave can help you out a lot. You can at least shop for healthy items like fresh fruits and veggies, hard-boiled eggs, yogurts, hummus, and nut butter. Eating at least one meal a day in the room can help save money and calories. 

Have a healthy month and enjoy your summer! 

In Health- Angela Aladjem – Certified Nutritionist