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Student Ambassador Spotlight: Skateboard Clinic

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Dwight Middle School Student Ambassadors Launch Skateboard Clinic

SAN ANTONIO (Mar. 16, 2018) – Mayor’s Fitness Council Student Ambassadors from Dwight Middle School are leading the way to a healthier and active San Antonio.  The Student Ambassadors will create a skateboard clinic with a $500 grant to launch the healthy service project to benefit youth in their community.

Vicente Escobedo, a community health worker with the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District’s Healthy Neighborhoods program, will help the Student Ambassadors make the project a reality. The six-week skateboarding clinic will begin March 10 and will cover topics from skateboard safety, to being good stewards of the parks and the community, to healthy eating and hydration. The Student Ambassadors will co-lead the sessions and are actively recruiting kids to join the clinic.

Student Ambassadors Illyria Segundo and Parker Nicholas, along with their campus mentor, Mrs. Lopez, were selected by the Mayor’s Fitness Council in June 2017.  Parker, a student at MacArthur High School, has teamed up with Illyria for this cross-district project. Since the beginning of the academic year, the Student Ambassadors have worked on identifying ways to best serve the campus and community and raise awareness of health, physical fitness and better nutrition initiatives. Inactivity, including video games and TV watching, were identified as top concerns in their community and the skateboard clinic was one way to encourage individuals to lead active lives and prevent chronic disease like obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Students across Bexar County are currently participating in the Mayor’s Fitness Council Student Ambassador Program working on a variety of healthy service projects.  With program sponsorship from the Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio, the Mayor’s Fitness Council awarded more than $50,000 in grant funding to deserving schools.

For more information about the Mayor’s Fitness Council Student Ambassador Program, please contact Andrea Bottiglieri at 210-857-5378 or email