Avoiding the Pitfalls of Summer Vacation Snacking

In All, Eat Better, Move More by Hope Pedraza

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So you’re doing your best to eat right, keep a balanced diet, get your veggies in, and cut back on the [junk food], right? The problem? Your kids. Summer is here and your pantry looks like the corner store snack aisle… Temptation is everywhere; the struggle is real! So what’s a girl to do? Starve the kids? Not exactly… take a look at these steps can you can take to avoid the pitfalls of summer vacation snacking.

– Keep your stash to a minimum. As much as you want to stock up for summer and the millions of kids you will probably host for pool parties, slumber parties, and playdates, don’t do it.  Buy just what you need for the party or play date and THAT’S ALL.

– Keeping leftovers around is just asking for trouble; more than likely you’ll succumb to temptation eventually, and you’ll end up hating yourself after a late night binge on the leftover Chips Ahoy. Buy what you need and stop there… and even better, send home leftover snacks with the other kiddos!

– Make healthy snacks for the kids. I know, I can hear the grumbles and feel the eye rolls. Yes, you CAN get your kids to snack smarter. Finding ways to throw in healthier options along with some not-so-healthy options is a great way to balance it out. Putting out some fresh veggies (cucumbers, sweet peppers, and carrots are always a crowd pleaser) with some homemade ranch or onion dip is a great addition to the chips you know you will already be stashing. Hummus is also another crowd-pleasing snack, and can be partnered with veggies, crackers, homemade tortilla chips… let’s just say hummus goes with everything!

– Speaking of homemade tortilla chips, making your own chips is a great way to “trick” the kiddos into eating a little healthier. Baking thinly sliced sweet potatoes, gold potatoes, kale, or other veggies with salt and pepper can be a tasty treat (and is delicious with the hummus you have!). Another good snack to have on hand that kids like is homemade granola and homemade trail mix; easy to eat, easy to make, and healthier than many other store-bought options.

– Make something for yourself. So you’re not convinced your kids are going to eat your cleverly healthy snacks? That’s okay; you can still avoid the temptation by making your own snacks. Let’s face it, snacking is fun! And who says only the kids are allowed to have fun? While the kids are snacking on Doritos, Oreos, and Skittles out at the pool, have some tasty snacks on hand for yourself so you can still snack but without veering too far off your meal plan. Choose from some of the options listed above or come up with your own. The trick is to not let yourself starve so you don’t end up binging later.